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I'm Marius

I'm a designer working as a Associate Creative Directer at Leo Burnett Detroit.

I was born in Romania and came to the states when I was 4 and a half years old. We've been in Michigan ever since and have really loved exploring this beautiful state.

I'm a big outdoors explorer and photographer, so I'm always looking for an opportunity to get outside. Which is big plus for someone who spends most of his time inside on a computer making pretty pictures.

I went to The College for Creative studies and studied Graphic Design. I've been in the advertising field ever since I graduated and have learned and grown a ton since 2008. I've done everything from motion graphics, flash banners, websites, whole 360 campaigns, video productions, large scale photography shoots and way too many digital banners to ever count. I enjoy learning new skills and refining my design chops. Currently getting into drone photography and 3D printing.

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